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Thứ Năm, 25 tháng 5, 2017

Dr. David Cosgrove died

Take ultrasound more seriously and set aside more time for training, 
Dr. David Cosgrove recommended.
 Image courtesy of ET Healthworld.
In sad news, the ultrasound community lost one of its greats with the recent passing of 
ultrasound researcher and teacher  Dr. David Cosgrove. A longtime and tireless supporter 
of clinical ultrasound, ultrasound contrast, and elastography, Dr. Cosgrove remained active up 
until his death on May 16 at the age of 78. Learn more about his career and contributions to 
the field of ultrasound in our report by AuntMinnieEurope.com Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward.

"Every imaging discipline needs good training, but in ultrasound there's a special aspect because it's such a practical technique," he said in the interview. "In a way, it's quite like a physical examination of the patient, say of the abdomen or the nervous system. The person doing the examination has to physically touch the patient with the probe and create the images as they're working with the patient in front of them."
There's great physical skill involved; it can't be taught quickly and requires many years of practice and hands-on training, added Cosgrove, whose main areas of expertise were the clinical role of nonobstetric ultrasound, the basic mechanisms of the ultrasound image-forming process and of Doppler, the applications of microbubble echo-enhancing (contrast) agents for ultrasound, and the application of elastography to clinical diagnosis.
"Ultrasound's quite a treacherous discipline. When it's done by an expert, it looks really easy, but it's not that easy to learn," he explained. "Take ultrasound more seriously and set aside more time for training so we can use it well for our patients."
Ultrasound is very safe at the powers currently in use, but it must be remembered that when administering ultrasound energy to the patient, physical changes are taking place. Keep the power levels down, particularly in high-intensity focused ultrasound, and pay attention to the regulations, he advised.

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