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Tablet Ultrasound

Tablet Ultrasound System Provides Easy Access to Point-of-Care Imaging
By Medimaging International staff writersPosted on 23 Apr 2013

Image: The MobiUSTC1 tablet ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of Mobisante).
Image: The MobiUSTC1 tablet ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of Mobisante).
A newly developed tablet ultrasound system provides high-resolution, point-of-care (POC) ultrasound imaging within reach of healthcare professionals everywhere, helping them practice better medicine and reduce costs. The system supports a quick look, triage, routine screening, and ultrasound-guided procedures.

Mobisante (Redmond, WA, USA) reported on the release of the MobiUSTC1 tablet ultrasound system, which is built upon the success and novel features of the MobiUS SP1 smartphone ultrasound system. The MobiUS TC1 ultrasound system is a suitable choice for clinics, emergency departments, rural and community hospitals, disaster relief organizations, and the uniformed services.

Exploiting the strength and ubiquity of sophisticated mobile computing technology, the MobiUS systems are available at a fraction of the cost of typical ultrasound systems. They utilize standards-based technology for easy implementation and shorter learning curves. The MobiUS TC1 is very mobile and compact to fit into a wide range of settings, and provides instant connectivity through Wi-Fi.

Sailesh Chutani, CEO and cofounder of Mobisante, stated, “Devices like MobiUS TC1 enable more care to be provided outside of expensive settings like hospitals into settings that are less expensive, such as clinics and other locations where the patient needs immediate care. This is key to improving access while reducing costs.”

The system enables diagnosis and treatment in trauma (FAST [focused assessment with sonography for trauma] exam, lung, cardiac screening), abdominal pain, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and other routine screening such as bladder assessment, ob/gyn evaluations, triage, and ultrasound-guided procedures. The tablet also supports endocavity probes for gynecology or prostate imaging, in addition to the already wide array of probes that cover multiple clinical applications.

Mobisante, Inc. is focused on providing safe, simple, noninvasive, and cost-effective ultrasound technology available to a wide range of clinicians. By utilizing the steadily increasing power and ubiquity of, standards-based mobile computing technology, the company is able to provide simpler, flexible, and lower cost solutions that contrast to the costly and complex products that previously restricted broad access to point of care medical imaging.

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