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Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 2, 2015



 US is a very important diagnostic method for pleural pathology, providing high resolution images, useful in all kinds of clinical scenarios – emergency, diagnostic and interventional ultrasonography. It is superior to chest radiography for the diagnosis of pneumothorax and characterization of pleural effusions. US represents the best method for guiding fluid aspiration and transthoracic biopsy of pleural-based lesions. It is also a reliable method for evaluating the parietal infiltration of the lung tumors, but CT is superior providing more information concerning all parts of the pleura. The limit of this method is the inability to visualize the mediastinal pleura, and the lesions obscured by subcutaneous emphysema and the bony structures of the thorax – scapulae, sternum and the spine. US can provide useful information for almost all pleural pathology and it should be use more extensively for all these reasons, being also accessible, cheap and widely available for many medical specialties.

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