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Thứ Bảy, 24 tháng 11, 2018


On 12 November, a team of researchers from the University College London presented findings on the possible link between increased carotid artery forward compression waves (FCW) during mid- to late-life and future cognitive decline at the Annual Conference of the American Heart Association.
In order to test their hypothesis, the scientists used information of 3.192 participants (aged 58-74) from the Whitehall II Study. Participants underwent ultrasound as well as cognitive examinations undertaken throughout a follow-up period of 11-14 years.
After adjusting their statistic models for confounding influences such as health-related risk factors and behaviours, the team found that although increased carotid artery forward compression waves were linked to a higher rate of overall cognitive decline, there was no relationship between pulse pressure and change in cognitive function. This led them to the conclusion that elevated carotid artery forward compression waves are independently linked to a faster rate of cognitive decline.

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