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Thứ Năm, 14 tháng 11, 2019



Aims: This study’s aim is to present the specific ultrasonography (US) findings of a series of urachus anomalies.
Material and methods: Seven patients with suspected urachal anomalies underwent US scanning initially prior to the surgery and the features of images were reviewed respectively. The clinical data and pathologic results were collected also.
Results: US successfully diagnosed urachal anomalies in 5 patients (5/7, 71.4%) and failed to diagnose in 2 patients (2/7, 28.6%). Patent urachus showed a tubule between the umbilicus and bladder; urachal sinus was a blind focal dilatation at the umbilical end, while vesicourachal diverticulum was an outpouching at the vesical end and urachal cyst was identified as an anechoic structure along the urachus. Non-enhancement in the base and centre was the distinct features of urachus carcinoma by contrastenhanced ultrasonography (CEUS). Using a high frequency probe and CEUS the diagnostic ability of US may be improved.
Conclusion: US showed good diagnostic ability in urachal anomalies and combined with CEUS could improve the differential diagnosis.
Keywords: urachus anomaly; ultrasonography; contrast-enhanced ultrasonography; urachus carcinoma

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