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Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 5, 2020

Course teaches ob/gyns to identify COVID-19 on lung US.

By Theresa Pablos, AuntMinnie staff writer

May 4, 2020 -- A two-and-a-half-hour online course boosted the knowledge of COVID-19 lung ultrasound presentation among ob/gyn clinicians with no prior lung ultrasound experience, according to the findings of a small study published on April 29 in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
Lung ultrasound scans have proved to be an effective, noninvasive modality for screening patients, including pregnant patients, with confirmed or suspected cases of the novel coronavirus. The latest study adds to existing research demonstrating ob/gyn clinicians may be well-poised to recognize B-lines, subpleural consolidations, a thickened or patchy pleural line, and other hallmark signs of potential infection with the novel coronavirus.
For their study, Buonsenso and Moro recruited two pneumologists and one pediatrician, each with more than 10 years of lung ultrasound experience, to create an online training module.
The module begins with a 15-minute pretest that includes 10 ultrasound video clips showing healthy, normal lungs or ones with pathological patterns. The test asks participants to choose whether the lung video shows the following:
a) Normal findings
b) Clear and distinct vertical artifacts with small pleural alterations
c) Broken pleural line and small consolidations
d) White lung without evidence subpleural consolidations
e) White lung with evidence subpleural consolidations
f) Pattern not compatible, vast consolidations
g) Pattern not compatible, pleural effusions
Following the pretest, participants watch a two-hour theoretical course providing lung ultrasound education. Finally, the course ends with a 15-minute test showing the same 10 ultrasound clips.

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