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Thứ Sáu, 18 tháng 6, 2021

UltraVisions debuts breast microcalcifications software

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers

June 17, 2021 -- UltraVision recently announced it has developed a patent-pending software to visualize microcalcifications for breast cancer diagnosis and biopsy guidance

The software, called MC-mode, can be implemented on ultrasound scanners and used for visualizing microcalcifications, with the initial application being Ultravision's point-of-care ultrasound scanner, UltraVision-XS.

Microcalcifications in a blood vessel in the breast
Microcalcifications in a blood vessel in the breast. Image courtesy of UltraVision.

Company leaders say the software aims to expand breast cancer detection with ultrasound into physician's offices, mammography centers, and underserved international markets.

The company has filed for a patent on MC-mode, which detects microcalcifications and their locations from their vibration. The company also filed a patent on differentiating between type-1 and type-2 microcalcifications.

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