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Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 11, 2013

Winners of DocCheck Pictures Competition

5. November 2013

Here come the winners

5. November 2013
Four rounds are over, the final place in the ranking list is occupied. But even after the competition, you can still give punch to your medical images at DocCheck Pictures.
We look back on a competition full of pure fighting spirit, adrenaline and excitement. From surgical intervention and radiographs to multimedia course documentation – the range of subjects could not be greater. Participants of different weight classes met at eye level and for the ring judges it was not always easy to determine a clear winner.

Here are the weekly contest winners:

Besides the chance to win one of the weekly awards, the participants also had the opportunity to get their pictures into a place in the top 5.

Here are the rankings:

  1. Dr. Hung Nguyen won a prize money of €100 cash
  2. Dr. Youngki Shim won 1 DocCheck Advance II Stethoscope
  3. Dr. Massimo Agnello won 1 DocCheck Reflex Hammer
  4. Dr. Ivano Guadagno won 1 DocCheck Pocket Mask
  5. Dr. Catherine Honvault-Rosenthal won 1 DocCheck LED Penlight

And here is the most powerful set of images:

Ranula 1 a
Uploaded By Dr. Hung Nguyen
We thank all participants and congratulate the winners very sincerely.
Of course, after the competition at Doccheck Pictures your medical images always remain in good hands. Use your images to discuss findings and treatment options with colleagues and add additional information to your content.


Image copyright: tableatny / flickr
Licence: CC BY

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