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Thứ Tư, 29 tháng 3, 2023

Ultrasound, AI method diagnoses breast lumps without experts


By Amerigo Allegretto, AuntMinnie.com staff writer

March 27, 2023 -- Combining volume sweep imaging (VSI) for breast ultrasound with artificial intelligence (AI) could make way for rapid and automated diagnosis of breast lumps without a sonographer or a radiologist, suggest findings presented March 26 at UltraCon.

Marini and colleagues wanted to explore the potential for an automatic diagnostic system for evaluating breast lumps that would not require an expert sonographer or radiologist. It employed VSI performed by individuals without prior medical training using existing commercially available AI (S-Detect, Samsung).

Dr. Thomas Marini from the University of Rochester Medical Center presented findings suggesting that combined volume sweep imaging and artificial intelligence could accurately diagnose palpable breast lumps. Here, the combined method (right) is compared to standard of care (left), with both agreeing that the imaged area is possibly malignant. Image courtesy of Dr. Thomas Marini.

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